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Weekend Program

Our on-going program is designed for kids who are serious about coding or robotics, not only learn the fundamental concepts, but are also challenged with more advanced concepts as the term progresses. Engaging kids with coding by building their very own fun computer games and other cool robotics projects. (We use a mix of different robotics kits, which include LEGO, Microbit, MRT, and so much more.)

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STEM Education

STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)


5 - 16 years old


May. 10 - July. 5th


Sat From 1:15-2:45pm (Beginner Level) Sat From 3:00-4:00pm (Intermediate /Advanced Level)

Class sizes

Student to teacher ratio of 7:1

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From beginners to advanced programs, your child can build their skills to become a Tech-Savvy Superstar.

Beginner Level (iPad): Design for young children who are not yet familiar with coding. Scratch is a visual programming tool that allows kids to create animations, stories and games, with easy to use drop and drop blocks. Engage young children to learn the fundamentals of robotics and programming. Utilising the most effective and advanced educational tools. Students will come to understand technology as a tool to solve problems and create useful solutions. Learning Objectives Storytelling and creative programming Hands-on Design and Program Scratch Projects.

Intermediate Level (Laptop) As student become more experienced in coding their problem-solving solutions will need to become more sophisticated. As they progress further, they will start to create programs that have a number of different algorithm solutions. Solidifying their understanding through key computer science concepts. Students will also start integrating Scratch projects with hardware such as DC Motors, Servos, IR sensors, sound sensors, webcams and etc. Creating a whole new horizon of interaction that can be controlled by body movements and voice inputs. Learning Objectives Hands-on Design and Program Scratch Projects. Learn fundamental basic computer programming logic. such as Events, Sequences, Conditional, Loops and a lot more. Empowering students through teaching problem solving with the use of different type of technology. Designed for students who are curious what powers of the Internet and technology. We introduce fundamentals of computer science, apply design thinking process and utilise App Inventor (Created by Google and MIT) as a language. Adapting a curriculum used in Silicon Valley, we cover user-centric design experience and mobile app development. Learning Objectives Further dive into key computer science concepts Through programming functional apps and mobile solutions, students review the fundamentals of computer science and dive deeper into more advanced concepts. Students learn to decompose problems, research independently and as well as plan out and manage their own project specifications.

Advanced Level (Laptop) This is the stage we aim to bridge the gap between visual and text-based programming languages. We will teach the web programming through a series of fun and engaging projects. We will go through a series of fun and rewarding code challenges. The student will learn to think about problem logically and solve them systematically. We introduce Python/C libraries to students laying a solid foundation towards many more powerful applications at a Higher level. Learning Objectives Deep dive into key computer science concepts Object-Oriented Programming Create prototypes and perform continuous testing. Understand when version control is useful and how it works. Basic AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning Note: We do encourage kids to bring their own computers, so that they can have a reference of what they have worked on. It is much easier for them to share, practice and their own continued learning outside of the class. Computer hire: Small fee