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Get Ready for a ROBO-Adventure This School Holiday! 🎉🤖

Hey there, young inventors! 🌟 Are you ready to dive into a world where your ideas come to life? Join us at RobotZilla's Coding+Robots Course, where magic happens at the tip of your fingers! 🎮✨

School Holiday Program

The Preschool dedicated to your child's success

It's your time to shine, bright minds! If you're between 6 and 12, start your engineer journey here. Imagine and build your very own robot buddy with cool parts and sensors. 🤖💡


4 - 5 years old


Jan. 13 - Jun. 31


M-F from 8AM - 5 PM

Class sizes

Student to teacher ratio of 10:1

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"🌟 Gear Up for a Wild Tech Ride with RobotZilla! 🌟