Coding School Holiday Program | RobotZilla - Kid's Coding Class & Robotics Class

Program Overview

Any primary school age kid can do unbelievable things by using RobotZilla Coding+Robots Course, because it guides your child in a fun and professional way of how to break down each coding & robotics problem step by step, and turn your child’s knowledge into passion.

Our Robot Builder workshop is where every 6 - 12 year old starts their journey in Engineering. Designing, constructing kids’ own robots with guidance, learning how a robot works, such as parts and sensors. And then the real fun begins, as we have exciting challenges to connect the robots and bring their creations to the next level! Engaging kids in science by making it real and relevant.

Kids will use a real mix of creative level design, hands-on activity, story telling, and problem-solving to bring their robots to life.

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Kids' Favourite Program Info

Next school holiday workshops coming in Oct

Maximum 7 kids in a group

Materials: Micro bits, MRT

2-4 Rowallan Ave, Castle Hill NSW 2154 (Near Castle Hill High School and RSL Club)


Full Day $120

Note: Refund or credit will be provided if cancellation occurs due to COVID-19 restriction. Credit will be available for use on any equivalent workshops in 2023/2024. **We cannot refund Creative Kids Voucher redemption, credit only**

Play + Learn + Engage

Your kid's tech adventure starts here

Science - life cycle, forces, motion, cause and effect
Engineering - design, prototyping and testing
Each kids will be provided with materials to make their own robots, creating their hands-on experience.
Sensors - IR, Hands-on construction, Problem-solving
The different missions themes attached to our program boost kids' learning experiences, creative thinking and problem solving skills.